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About the company

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"  is considered one of the leading Georgian companies in the field of audit and tax-legal consultations, which has maintained its leading position for many years now. The company is renowned for its reliability and good professional image.

The above information was once again confirmed by the fact that in 2017 our company was awarded with the Golden Medal (criteria -"Management Efficiency") by International Union of National Business Ratings.

Since 2017 the Consulting Group "Alexandre"  has become a full member of the International Network of Audit and Consulting Companies - SFAI.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"   concluded an agreement on strategic cooperation with the international audit company Ernst & Young. At that time, it was the first agreement made in the field of audit between Georgian and foreign companies.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"  had also cooperated closely in the implementation of joint projects with one of the leading audit and business-consulting companies in the world - Grant Thornton.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"   has actively cooperated with professional organizations, while being a full member of those organizations.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre" has maintained a leading position in the field of bookkeeping. This is made possible by implementation of a well-designed and well-tried service system, which is properly tailored to the Georgian market. Our company was one of the first organizations, which introduced the services to the Georgian market and ever since then has successfully provided a full package of bookkeeping services to foreign and Georgian companies.

The tax consulting is considered to be one of the strength of our company.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"  provides its services through the following departments:

The Department of Audit;

The Department of Tax and Legal Consultations;

The Department of Accounting Services.

Since its establishment, the Consulting Group "Alexandre"  has provided a wide range of professional services to more than 400 companies. By an individual approach to each client and the type of services offered by our company we have managed to meet the requirements and needs of our clients.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"  has offered its services to both established leaders and startup companies.

We strongly believe that the professionalism, adherence to the requirements of the code of ethics, due attention to customers and confidentiality - are those principles, which constitute a strong base for a stable development of our company.