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The Consulting Group "Alexandre" has always paid particular attention to the quality of its services, which is confirmed by the fact that two representatives of the company have successfully passed a full course of training and certification conducted by "TUV Suddeutschland". They were awarded with certificates of Internal Auditor of Quality Management Systems.

The quality of our services was also confirmed by the Certificate of Compliance with Standards ISO 9001:2000, which was awarded to our company in 2004, for the period of three years.  The audit of certification of the Consulting Group "Alexandre" was conducted by TUV Management Service GmbH.


ISO 9001:2000 are international standards Quality Management Systems - Requirements, adopted by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

The Consulting Group "Alexandre" was one of the first companies In Georgia, as well as in the Caucasus region, which was awarded with Certificate of Compliance with Standards  ISO 9001:2000  in the field of bookkeeping, financial-tax consulting and audit.

The Consulting Group "Alexandre"   has obtained Insurance Coverage of Professional Responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of "The Law of Georgia on Accounting, Reporting and Audit".

In order to provide high quality services, the Consulting Group "Alexandre" has always attached particular importance to professional staff. Our company has always supported professional development of its employees.

By combining experience and creativity, Georgian and western thinking, scientific and practical knowledge we have managed to create a strong team of professionals, which is the pride and wealth of our company. In our group, there are employed certified accountants, auditors and lawyers.

The professionalism of our representatives is also confirmed by the fact that the Head of the Tax and Legal Department of our company, partner   L.Nadaraia    participated in the preparation of Comments to the Tax Code of Georgia (National Library of the Parliament of Georgia, book I, book II).    

The above mentioned comments were prepared with support of the Agency of International Development of the United States (USAID).

The work has been extremely well received from the very beginning by ordinary taxpayers, as well as experts and academic society. One of the main objectives of this work was to facilitate a wide discussion of those issues and create business guidelines for professional society in order for them to be able to navigate in difficult and at times ambiguous tax and legal environment of Georgia.

Professional development and improvement of the quality of services is vitally important for the management of our team, as well as for each of its ordinary members. Our team has adopted the following working style:

Permanent improvement of professionalism;

Responsibility and adherence to the principles of the code of ethics;

Novelty and creativity;

Protection of the reputation of the company;

Taking into account the interest of our clients.