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As the global practice shows, more and more managers make decision to outsource the accounting services of their companies to professional firms-providers of the service.


The Consulting Group "Alexandre"  was one of the first companies in Georgia, which implemented and has successfully provided a full package of accounting services to large and medium firms for more than twenty years now. In this case, the sole obligation of a client is to prepare initial documents for its economic-financial activities. A group of professionals of our company will take care of the rest.   


Outsourcing of accounting services enables the management of a company to concentrate its efforts on the core business, not wasting time on the resolution of accounting-tax issues (problems). The management can also outsource its relationship with representatives of the controlling agency (tax agency) to professionals, in order to minimize possible tax risks.



Accounting includes the following:


Providing consultations for preparation of initial documents by the company;

Review of initial documents presented by a client and registration of the documents in the accounting software;

Calculation of taxes in line with the requirements of the tax laws of Georgia;

Preparation and submission of tax returns and any other forms provided for by the legislation;

Providing consultations on current bookkeeping issues;

Preparation of internal reporting forms of a wide range for the management and shareholders (partners) of a client;

Other services, which are necessary for the provision of a full package of accounting services, in accordance with local and international standards in effect in Georgia;

Improvement of a flawed accounting system and restoration of accounting data (including but not limited to providing consultations for optimization of the accounting system of a client);

Keeping record of salaries of employees, and preparation of tax declarations;

Creation of specific accounting modules, if requested by a client;

Providing consultations on the accounting policy of a company;

Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the Laws of Georgia, and also in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and IFRS for SME-s;

Protection of interests of a client in the controlling (tax) agency in the course of a planned or non-planned tax revision.