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Audit Accounting Services Consulting




Audit and assurance - remain to be one of the significant services of the Consulting Group "Alexandre".



Working groups staffed with professionals, own working methodology (which is reflected in the audit manual of our company) and rich experience enable us to provide any services efficiently and within optimal time frames.



Our company provides the following services: 



        Audit of the financial statement prepared in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards  (IFRS) and IFRS for SME-s;


Audit of compliance;


Other trust services;


Tax audit (current and annual).



The high quality of audit services provided by the Consulting Group "Alexandre" is made possible by several factors:



Existence of own working methodology;


Professional staff;


Rich experience of providing services to companies in various fields of economy.




Current Tax Audit and Consultations is considered to be one of the necessary services, which occupy a significant place in daily business of companies. A working group staffed with experienced auditors, lawyers and tax-law specialists enables us to conduct current tax audit of the financial-economic activities of a client (including but not limited to the monthly audit).



The above mentioned service enables a client to resolve problems related to tax issues as quickly as possible, conduct examination of submitted (not yet submitted) tax returns (forms of reporting) and if necessary to make adjustments to tax returns and as a result minimize possible tax risks.



The high quality of our services is confirmed by the fact that we have not received any claim over the course of many years.



If necessary, we stand ready to protect interests of our clients in the system of the Ministry of Finance, in the Court and against third persons.